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IAFBB: part 11
IAFBB: part 11

a series of webcomics based on fanfics about korean 13(+2)-member boyband super junior. may contain copious amounts of boylove. current story: >> aronnax's "i'm a free bitch, baby": http://aronnax.livejournal.com/3749.html i'm a free bitch, baby. (comic ver.) ["gen, bandfic, ninja qmi because I can Han Geng files a lawsuit, and it's the end of the world."]


July 11th, 2010, 3:32 am


nobody reads the news +___+...

... so i'm using it as a sort of credits/info post instead.

for those of you who don't know, this webcomic is based off of fanfics written for a real korean boyband called super junior (because im an obsessed fangirly fangirl). they are obviously not mine (sob...) and belong to sm entertainment. they have a total of 13(+2) members, and a billion different looks, so it might be tough to memorize who they all are. as one story ends and i start another one, i will be making this memorization process even worse by probably using a different look for the same person in the next story. it's tough if you want to read the comic but don't really know who they are already, i'm really sorry;;. but the members page is there to help you out- the reference pictures will change for a member if i start using another look. please check it out (i spent an unreasonable amount of time on it OTL).

also, in case you somehow missed it: i did not write the story for any of these, i only draw them. i stalk fanfics and occasionally find one i like and can easily visualize as a picture. i then ask the author for permission to draw a comic version of their story, and if they're nice enough to say yes, i try my best to draw a good comic in order to do the story justice 8B.
and of course, the genre for the stories can vary. crack/humour is easiest for me to draw though and always gets done faster, so i tend to draw those more often :).

lastly, i feel a little uncomfortable sometimes when i feel like people credit the amazingness of the story to the comic. like i said before, i don't come up with the story, i only draw it, and the people who really deserve all the credit are the authors. so i'll be linking to the original author and story here and in the author's comments and in the summary and it will be all up in your grill forever. remember that sometimes words are difficult to put into picture form and some of the meaning may be lost. so be sure to check the original stories out!


author/fic list:

1. i'm a free bitch, baby // aronnax @ livejournal


thank you for reading!


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